Mindfully Local

A place for people to meet and discover different aspects of Mindfulness.


Mindfully Local is a new concept in Mindfulness. Once a week, we run a free Mindfulness support group where we sample and share different Mindfulness techniques as we strive to live in the moment.

The support group is based in Bristol and is an attempt to help local people to make sure they make time for their psychological well-being in a similar way that you might for your physical health.

Join us as we sample and review different ways to calm your thoughts and still the mind to promote happy, healthy people, able to fully take part and enjoy the world as it is, now.

We look forward to reading your comments.

Mindfully Local

Spring 2017 – Update

We are expanding!

I am really pleased to announce that I am about to expand the mindfulness support group to include a local female-only shelter! Please keep checking the blog for updates on this exciting development. Sx