I am really pleased to announce that I am about to expand the mindfulness support group!

I have been liaising with Bristol’s last remaining female only shelter and from mid-April I shall be running a four-week trial version of the Mindfulness support group there for the shelter’s staff and clients.

This is an exciting new opportunity to use the knowledge I have gained from the current weekly sessions and to tailor the meditations for a specific audience.

This is going to be a challenging task as the only space the shelter has available to use is either a communal living room/TV room, a kitchen or a concrete courtyard; all of which are part of an open plan corridor that leads to other parts of the shelter. I am used to trying to block out the noise from the Line Dancing troop on a Thursday, but this is a new level of potential disruptions and distractions.

The next step is to put together a four week program and to pick a suitable time and day to run the support group.

I am very aware that in the final months before I return to work from maternity leave I am taking another few hours away from my family, each week. If the trial works, this might give me the perfect opportunity to test putting together a program which can be delivered by someone else.

If you were introducing Mindfulness meditation to a new group of women, some of whom have complex needs and hectic lifestyles, which meditations would you choose?

I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

S x