This week’s focus – Mindfulness of Sight

Rapid Mindfulness:

The group will be given a natural object such as a stick or a stone and asked to sit in their chair, with a straight spine and focus on the object for three minutes.

Choose a natural object from within your immediate environment and focus on watching it. This could be a flower or an insect, or even the clouds or the moon.

Don’t do anything except notice the thing you are looking at. Simply relax into a harmony for as long as your concentration allows. Look at it as if you are seeing it for the first time. Visually explore every aspect of its formation. Allow yourself to be consumed by its presence. Allow yourself to connect with its energy and its role and purpose in the natural world.

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Short Exercise:

Mindfulness of Sight:

What if you had been blind all your life, and suddenly, right now, you gained sight? Take a moment to look at this world in front of your eyes as if you had never seen it before.

Notice the play of light as it reflects upon different surfaces.

Notice the vividness of colors as if you had never known them before.

Notice all of the textures, shapes and forms, without analyzing, simply noticing.

Now widen your gaze and take in the whole scene in front of you, including whatever parts of your body that you can see. Look at this scene as if you are gazing in a giant mirror, and as if everything you see is one seamless whole.

Simply rest in this awareness for as long as you like. This is mindfulness of sight.

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Homework Challenges Discussion:

Small Challenge – Eating Meditation

Big Challenge – 3x30mins guided meditations.


Forbes Article By Jeena Clo: 6 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Mindfulness And Meditation

Feature Meditation:

Guided Imagery Meditation

Optional Homework Challenges:

Small Challenge:

Take a few minutes each day to focus on something natural within your environment. You may want to place a natural object in a place you will notice it, and then remember to pay attention to it. For example, move a houseplant to your kitchen counter for the week.

Big Challenge:

Sample some different guided imagery meditations and feedback on them next week.