This week’s focus – Sounds and Thoughts

Introduction and Welcome

Rapid Mindfulness: 3 Minute Mindfulness Exercise

Taken from:

  • 1. Sit up straight with your head balanced on your neck. Allow your eyes to close, or gaze downwards.
  • 2. Begin by taking three deep breaths. Breathe all the way down into the base of your lungs, so your belly expands on your in-breath and contracts on your out-breath.
  • 3. Now let your breath become normal and natural again and consider the following:
    • Step A – Awareness. Become aware of your body. Notice any bodily sensations. The touch of your feet on the floor; the weight of your body on the chair. Now become aware of your emotions. Notice how you’re feeling at the moment. And now become aware of your thoughts. Allow the thoughts to arise and pass away if you can. Allow about a minute for this step.
    • Step B – Breath. Now, bring your attention to your breathing. Feel the whole of your in- and out-breath for about a minute. If you can, feel your breathing down in your belly. Gather your attention into your breath and use your breath as a stable place to rest your focus.
    • Step C – Consciously expanding. Open up your awareness from your breathing to your whole body. In this stage, your attention is wide and spacious, feeling all the sensations in your body, with a sense of kindness and curiosity if you can. Allow space for all sensations to just be there, including the sensation of your breathing. Do this for about a minute.

Short Exercise:  

The group will be invited to try a seven minute seated meditation, following the guidance below, taken from:

During the meditation, the group will be asked to observe their thoughts without judgement.

Homework Challenges Discussion:

Reflections on whether they were able to make time to do things that brought them joy and whether writing those things down makes a difference.

The group will discuss the Nine Cycle Breathing method and whether they had used it over the last seven days.

The Group will be invited to share any other mindfulness tips they may have discovered

Feature Meditation:

Guided Meditation – Mindfulness of Sounds and Thoughts.

Taken from:

Optional Homework Challenges:

  • Every time you hear a phone ring, a bird sing, a train passing, a car horn etc this week, use these sounds to bring you right back to the present moment, really listening, being present and awake.
  • Try and do at least one, ten minute seated meditation at home, using the six point seating method (above).