An introduction/housekeeping.

The group introduces themselves to each other and says how long they have been interested in Mindfulness.

The group tries out two short meditation techniques.

  • 7/11 Breathing

You can use this simple mindful breathing technique almost anywhere.

You simply count to 7 (in your mind) as you inhale and then exhale to a count of 11. Notice the movement of the body as you breath. Do this for three cycles.

  • Walking meditation

The idea of this meditation is to bring your awareness to the minute details that we no longer notice in our everyday lives. The group is asked to spend 7 minutes undertaking a walking meditation paying attention to the following:

Their pace.

The way their feet fall onto the floor.

The noise of their clothes as they move.

Any sounds.

Their posture.

The air.

The temperature.

Any smells.


  • Homework Challenges Discussion

The group discusses the body scan and colouring homework challenges from last week’s session.

  • Guided Meditation – Lori Granger’s Body Scan (99p)

The group will either sit or lay on the floor on mats and listen to the above body scan to enable us to experiment with different mindfulness teachers and styles to see if we are more likely to tune into a female or a male voice.

Optional Homework Challenges:

  • Mindful Cooking

Select a recipe and cook it without any distractions, noticing the sounds, smells and movements you make.Share a photo of your creation.

  • Real Life 7/11 breathing.

Try and use the 7/11 breathing technique when faced with a challenging situation this week. Next week we will discuss whether it was useful.