At the end of the first support group session, I gave everyone some pages I had taken out of a colouring book I’d picked up at Poundworld. I asked if they would consider mindfully colouring them in over the last seven days.

Today is day six, and wanting to set a good example, I decided I really should do some mindful colouring myself. I have a toddler, this shouldn’t be too difficult to add into my day, should it?

Well it was, as I have had a long to-do list (as usual), as well as a drop off and pick up from a half day at nursery, and a supermarket run. I did manage to persuade the toddler that we should do some colouring-in together just before dinner…and he was keen for at least… 2.3 nanoseconds.

So i set up at the table, put the baby in the Jumperoo, toddler by my side and started colouring.


Things were going well. Baby happily bouncing. Toddler happily waving safety scissors around. Me happily colouring-in. Then he got bored and decided the Paw Patrol pups all needed to individually inspect my creation by wheeling their vehicles across my page.

Once he was in bed, I managed a tiny bit more colouring-in before the milk monster needed feeding. My husband pointed out I probably shouldn’t be watching BBC iPlayer whilst doing it. Spoilsport.



I have come to the conclusion that although enjoyable, unless alone or left alone, this is quite a difficult mindfulness activity to achieve.

I found myself fantasizing about all of the fancy felt tip pens I could buy, which really defeats my core belief that mindfulness is and should be free to all! Thankfully Paperchase is too far away to be an issue.

I have also realised that I have used my company’s colours on the pattern. A little odd as I’m on maternity leave. I can’t be missing it, can I? Highly unlikely.

I look forward to tomorrow’s meeting and hearing whether anybody else managed to do any mindful colouring.

Have you ever used an adult colouring book? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them, or even better, see some of your creations.