Week 1 will start with the group writing down what they wish to achieve by attending the mindfulness trial sessions and adding them anonymously to a central pot. From this we will be able to tailor our weekly sessions in an attempt to address those desires.

Do you have a specific reason for choosing to experiment with mindfulness?  If so,  please tell us in the comments section below.

The first meditation the group will take part in is a short ‘Eating Meditation’ read by me, similar to this one below, as a ‘First Taste of Mindfulness’.

After a short comfort break, the group will be spending 20-25 minutes listening to a seated mindfulness meditation (tracks 5-9 of the ‘Mindfulness for Dummies’ CD). The audio from the book can be found at the following link, if you would like to try this technique at home:


Optional Homework Challenge :

1. Members will be asked to consider doing some mindful colouring before the next class. They have the option to share photos and/or bring their completed drawings to the next session where will review colouring as a Mindfulness tool. Why nit join us and share your masterpieces with us, either here or on our Facebook page: Mindfully Local.

2. Members will be asked to consider listening to the following body scan meditation before the next session:

Please let me know if you try any of the above meditations and your thoughts on them, below.



Mindfully Local