Dabbling in Mindfulness is both addictive and counter productive. I have found that I have tried to use mindfulness meditations in times of distress for a number of years and have never quite managed to incorporate being mindful into my everyday life. I still get anxious. I still have depression. I still ruminate over minute details that are meaningless to most. This year, I have decided this is not good enough. For the good of my mental health, and those that I love, I am determined to stop dipping my toe into the Mindfulness pool, stop referring to ‘Jon Kabot Zinn’ as if he’s my personal mindfulness tutor and actually start doing the legwork required to be more mindful.

But where to begin? I’ve listened to guided meditations on YouTube.  I’ve bought ‘Mindfulness for Dummies’. Yes, I know, but I did and it’s quite good. I have taken these baby steps and yet I am not reading or listening or practising at all. Who is to blame for this lack of effort?  Is it the 6 month old and the three year old sleep thieves?  Is it the never-ending domestic tasks that I’d love to outsource but can’t afford to?  Is it the new fitness regime I’ve signed up to in hopes of having a waist again? No. Sadly, the only person to blame for my lack of progress beyond page 50 of any book (enter embarrassed emoji here) is me.  

In much the same way as a weight management programme,  I know the only way I will start and continue to practise, and eventually be mindful, is if I have some sort of way of being held accountable.

And so this brings me right up to the present moment, two days before I host my first ever ‘BS4 Mindfulness Practise Session’.

Following a single Facebook post on a local forum in Bristol (BS4 Connect), where I asked if anyone would be interested in meeting on a weekly basis to share mindfulness meditation techniques and resources, and having received 60 responses within 12 hours, I am now running a six week trial of a Mindfulness Support Group in Bristol!

And so my journey into a calmer, more mindful existence begins….she hopes.

Please join me here each week as I discover  different mindfulness meditation techniques and literature and help me to build a Mindfulness resources and feedback platform.

Do you have a ‘go-to’ guided meditation/text you use and would like to suggest to the group?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

S x